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March 2011
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First Entry and Intro
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Being new to AR&E, Beverly and I thought it might be good if I write an occasional blog.  At first I was very hesitant - what could I possibly have to say that would be worth our clients’ time to read??  After months of dithering and excuses, today is the the day I finally take the plunge, and put electrons to screen. 


First, a bit about myself – I am a recent retiree from public service in the fine state of California (this is almost a fearful thing
to admit in these very scary days!).  Since retiring last summer, I’ve devoted my time to four main activities: taking over webmaster responsibilities here on AR&E, starting work on my masters in Humanities, quilt making (from design all the way to finished
product), and photography.  I am an avid reader of just about everything.  In my former employment, I was very fluent in writing what I fondly refer to as ‘bureaucratese.’  I spent countless hours and days and months (adding up to many years) writing and editing proposals for new positions, pleas for more money, feasibility studies, compliance reports, policy, program justifications, and so forth - your tax dollars at work.  Now, I write papers on much more interesting subjects, such as history, contemporary philosophical issues, literature, the role of art and music in the Humanities, and Latin.  The hours that used to be dedicated to the service of California’s residents are now filled with words and images, altogether a very satisfactory trade.


In the weeks to come, I’ll share my observations and thoughts about my readings, musings about retired life, and perhaps even
occasional pictures.  What does this have to do with finding an agent?  Absolutely nothing, but consider me one your best customers.  My appetite for words and books is unquenchable.  Perhaps these musings may help you with yours, which in turn, will result in new and wonderful books to be discovered and read.

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